Next Release:
Sunday 5th of May - 8pm

Next Release:

Sunday 5th of May - 8pm

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Tom Hill - Oka Pottery 岡
I'm an independent potter currently residing in Kāpiti, New Zealand

I like to draw inspiration from a lot of things - but nature and the environment are my major influences

All my work is subject to change over time as I evolve, learn and develop my practice. I hope you continue to follow it as it does.

The Japanese kanji 岡 means "Oka" and is the symbol behind my maker's mark. It also literally translates to "Hill", which is my last name. The aesthetics and forms of my pottery are inspired by New Zealand - the beautiful country I call home and my time spent overseas in Japan. It was this time overseas that inspired me to take up pottery.

As is the case with small-batch pottery each of my pieces is unique, irreplaceable and sold this way. This means that it takes me a little longer to make it for you, but also means that it has been that much more cared for in its making. I'm always pushing myself to hone my work, and to produce pieces that are not only beautiful but also functional.